Welcome to the Mulberry Silk Co. We are proud to be a 100% Australian-owned small business that specialises in importing and selling the highest quality silk products for you, your home and family.

After extensive research we were able to source beautiful, quality products that compare favourably with the best European and Department Store brands and make them available to you at a surprisingly affordable price.

Of course silk has a long history as a most luxurious fibre and has been enjoyed by the Chinese for thousands of years. Learn more about the history of silk.

Our offices and warehouse are located on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, but our products are available nationwide. Whether you choose to purchase after our TV appearances from TSVN, or buy the select products available on this site, we offer free shipping Australia-wide and a 30 day money back guarantee. As the demand for high quality, low allergenic and eco friendly products increases, Trade Opportunities are now available for manchester and boutique retailers to stock unique products and ranges for sale through their own outlets.

Please look through our catalogue of quality products. We hope you will join the many thousands of happy customers who are now enjoying the benefits and luxury of silk bedding and robes. Once you try our duvets we are confident that you will never revert to feather or wool-filled duvets.

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The magic of silk has been part of Chinese culture from 2640BC. You too can experience this pure luxury with The Mulberry Silk Co silk-filled doonas and silk sheets.

Silk-filled doonas and pillows are not only the ultimate in comfort but are also the very best choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Our high quality pure silk bedlinen makes for a deliciously comfortable and luxurious bed and our pillowcases protect your skin and hair while you sleep.

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The History of Silk

According to Confucius, it was in 2640 B.C. that the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi was the first to reel a cocoon of silk which, legend also has it, had dropped into her cup of tea. From that historic moment, the Chinese discovered the life cycle of the silk worm and for the next 3000 years were to keep their monopoly of silk.

In 552 A.D., the Emperor Justinian sent two monks on a mission to Asia, and they came back to Byzantium with silkworm eggs hidden inside their bamboo walking sticks. (The earliest known example of industrial espionage!). From then on, sericulture spread throughout Asia Minor and Greece.

Throughout the 18th Century, silk continued to prosper in Europe, Japan and above all in China. European missionaries to China reported that "even the simplest soldiers are dressed in silk".

The early part of the 20th Century, whereas European sericulture continued its slow decline, the silk industry succeeded in maintaining a strong position through its technical innovations and the development of silk blended with other fibres.

The next major turning point was to be the Second World War. Raw-silk supplies from Japan were cut off, and the new synthetic fibres captured many of silk's markets, such as stockings and parachutes. This interruption in silk activity in Europe and the United States sounded the death-knell of European sericulture.

After the war, Japan restored her silk production, with vastly improved reeling, inspection and classification of her raw silk. Japan was to remain the world's biggest producer of raw silk, and practically the only major exporter of raw silk, until the 1970's. Then China, thanks to a remarkable effort of organisation and planning, gradually re-captured her historic position as the world's biggest producer and exporter of raw silk. In 1985, world production of raw silk was about 56000 tonnes (the same as in 1938) of which over 50% were produced in China.

The other major producers are Japan, India, the USSR, the Republic of Korea and Brazil. Silk is still produced in smaller quantities in many other countries, and several developing countries are studying new sericultural projects.


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